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Digital Marketing

Advanced Digital Marketing Training Course


Today’s world is evolved in the digital world because of its huge impact in every sector being vast advancement in internet technology. All people around the globe and even business organizations, are embracing it because of the great hype of digital world dominating everywhere. In fact, we would not be able to find any business organization that is not using this facility, as the detachment of this sector will lead the business organization to perish. That is why the concept of digital marketing is getting popular day by day, in terms of being a successful profitable business organization.
It is an established truth, that revealed by the pew research (a well-reputed organization for a survey), that the engagement of adults has been increased more than 5% in the last three years. Therefore, the significance of digital marketing is increasing radically in the digital world, in terms of being successful in business all over the world. This is the reason that makes digital marketing more popular all around the globe as it becomes a great source of earning an attractive amount of money working on it as a freelancer.
Well, in terms of Bangladesh, the possibilities of being successful in digital marketing are much higher, because the statistics highlighted by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BRTC), the users of the internet are more than 80.90 million. Therefore, the significance of digital marketing to connect with more people, in terms of being successful by involving more people for getting potential customers are now a well-considered issue.
So, no matter the way you think nationally and globally, the future of digital marketing is bright. That is why people of Bangladesh is involving in this arena no matter being proper skilled or not because there is a possibility of earning economic solvent working as a digital marketer. Most of them leave it, being unsuccessful because of the lacks of proper knowledge and practical experiences. However, to be successful in digital marketing, the combination of knowledge about digital marketing and the practical professional experience is very important.

Digital Marketing

  • Course Name: CPA Marketing
    Upcoming Batch: Start from
    Course Duration:1 Month
    Class Duration: 2 Hours
    Course Fee: 10,000Tk



Digital marketing:


It is to be mentioned, that the objectives of digital marketing persuading in the market applying various means of communications, which no longer other than the traditional marketing we generally have seen. It is used with a view to doing marketing about products and services easier to reach the potential customers which will be at a time more productive, time-saving and cost-effective.
The concept of digital marketing refers to the strategy of marketing about services and products of business organization to be sold by conducting digital devices like smartphones, computer etc. via the internet. Furthermore, the ways of doing business through digital channels like email, social media, search engine and the websites of the business organization to connect with running and potential customers for being more profitable.
e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), data-driven marketing, search engine marketing, YouTube marketing, campaign marketing, social media optimization, content automation etc. are common fields where digital marketing working with.

Ways to be a proficient digital marketer:


Are you searching for the ways and tricks to be a proficient digital marketer in overnight? If you are really want to be, then the honest and short-cut answer for you is NO…. there is no such a way to be a digital marketer. It is a simple process of the combination of proper knowledge and experience of working on a professional field to explore oneself as freelancers in the digital market.
You will see there are many who are well knowledgeable but still unsuccessful in having the lack of proper experience of working in the real field. Again, you will find many of the people start working in digital marketing through trial and error method, which is totally stressful. It kills too many times without any expected results.
So, it is important for those who are wanting to prepare oneself as digital marketer to select the best institution among the institutions, who will ensure them a proper training on tools that using for digital marketing like SEO, SME, networking etc. and at the same time, provide them an opportunity of working on real digital marketing arena under the observation of experts in terms of, exploring oneself as a successful digital marketer on digital marketing.

Heard about BizBond IT:


If you are looking for building yourself as digital marketer going through proper training that would be matched with reality, then we would not be surprised to know, that you have heard about BizBond IT. Actually, we will say that you heard the true fact as to us. BizBond IT is considered as the warehouse of creating freelancers.
Our course strategy is designed in such a harmonized way that will be marching with real experience and trending technology which using in digital marketing, schemed by our expert board. Anybody can join our classes no matter you are a housewife, student of any classes, employees or the person who seeking jobs.
Do not hesitate, if you do not have enough experience in these sectors. We do not need you to have an idea about it, if you are truly determined to explore yourself as a digital marketer, then we are giving you guarantee of earning lucrative money working on digital marketing, only if you regularly attend our classes with proper attention and follow our guidelines.
We are enriched with highly experienced trainers who give training to our trainees to make them skillful on digital marketing so that they can explore themselves as an efficient digital marketer.
Our highly dedicated trainers will teach on various tools that are used in digital marketing; such as SEO, SEM, CPA, e-commerce marketing, social media optimization, social media marketing, influencer marketing, YouTube marketing, content marketing etc.
Our quality control board screen every trainee and reorganized them in various levels, so that those who are on ahead of this journey can reach on expert level, and the trainees finding as weak ones; can cover the shortcomings they have, and finally, can reach the destination they desire.
Besides, we arrange feedback classes regularly, so that you can talk about the problems you face about the courses. Moreover, our trainers are much extended with helping mentality to students, in terms of reaching them on the desired level.
Well, we do not feel our duties over after finishing all of those courses, then we offer them internship for the fresh birds, who have recently completed training. Because we do believe nothing will work if there is a lack of practical experience. Through internship under experts’, we build our trainees well efficient on digital marketing by ensuring both proper knowledge and working experience. So that they can create their own market value being skilled in digital marketing. By the way, we are well determined to building our trainees as self-dependent individuals. So that they can work anywhere with his/her own reputation through our vision is to build them first at pro-level, then work together as a team to reach the ultimate goals.

Outputs of our provided course:


Working as an effective team member In professional body on digital marketing
To work effective ways on SMM, SEM, CPA, e-commerce and other tools related to digital marketing.
To get the proficiency working as a freelancer by own on digital marketing reputedly creating own value on the market in terms of being self-solvent
To work with BizBond team as a proud member.