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About Us


Online Earning Academy is a renowned IT institute founded in 2017 with a very Student & Customer friendly environment. It offers comprehensive training programs as well as Services (e.g. CPA Marketing, Web Development , Digital Marketing, IT service etc)

Online Earning Academy is one of the fast flourishing IT training and service-based companies in Bangladesh that is moving forward to achieve its vision by creating the largest self- reliant, freelancers’, entrepreneurs’ as well as skilled IT man powers’ community assisting with a group of spontaneous, promising expertise, founded by Mahamudul Hasan Ovi in 2017

Mission & Vision:

We are moving forward with a vision of emerging ourselves as the largest and trustworthy freelancers’ community. It is one of the realities that to provide efforts after having theoretical knowledge on digital marketing or starting work with a huge motivation of earning money without being skilled, are not enough to explore oneself as freelancers rather than the combinations of practical experiences of working in digital marketplaces along with the passion for working as freelancers with proper skills.

We have set a couple of missions to put the footprint on the pick of our vision in the soonest possible. Mainly we categorized our mission in three parts which are shopnhappy.com, sushasto.com and Online Earning Academy. We merge them together in the way of our main vision to be achieved.


The vision of Online Earning Academy is to develop skillful manpower in IT sectors and ensure their professional environment by giving job facility in our own digital marketplace. For achieving these visions, Online Earning Academy’s missions are arranging proper training on some selected courses as well as producing in some services related to these courses and engage them in our digital marketing environment. Moreover, we are working to build them as self-reliant individuals to show their values in the digital marketplace or organizations as well.

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